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Ms. Anjali Bhawra, Secretary DEPwD, IAS

Chairperson, RCI  & National Board of Examination in Rehabilitation (NBER)

  1. Head of the Organisation
  2. Chairperson - General Council & Executive Committee



Shri Vineet Singhal

Member Secretary, RCI & Secretary, National Board of Examination in Rehabilitation (NBER)


  1. Head of the Administration.
  2. General Council & Executive Committee
  3. Overall control & management of the office/accounts.
  4. Allot and supervise the work of other employees of the Council and perform such other duties as may be required by the Council for the purpose of the Act.




Dr.Subodh Kumar

Deputy Director (Acads)

  1. National Board of Examination in Rehabilitation
  2. CBID Programme
  3. In-service Training Programme
  4. Zonal Coordination Committees
  5. ODL Programmes
  6. Research & Methodology
  7. Appellate Authority under RTI Act, 2005
  8. Court matters including replies and affidavit etc.
  9. Nodal Grievance Redressal Officer
  10. Timelly reply of VIP reference with coordination of other officers
  11. Signing of CRR, approval & signing of Good Standing Certificates and Visa Screening etc.
  12. Grievance Redressal Officer of RCI in accordance with Section 23 (1) of the RPwD Act, 2016 for the purpose of Section 19 of the said Act.


011-26532378 (D)




Deputy Director (Acads)





Deputy Director (Admn.)



Dr. Sandeep Tambe

Assistant Director (Acad)


  1. Central Rehabilitation Register (CRR)
  2. Continuing Rehabilitation Education (CRE)
  3. Standardization of Training Programmes
  4. CVO (Part-time)
  5. Coordination with UGC/NCTE
  6. Nodel Officer(Anti-Ragging/ CPGRMS/ Tender & AMAS)
  7. Digitization of records  

011-26511613 (D)



Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma

Assistant Director (Acad)

  1. Approval of  training courses
  2. Orientation Programmes & Course Coordinators Meet
  3. Data bank of experts
  4. Digitization of records
  5. CPIO (Central Public Information Officer)
  6. Library, Publications of JRCI

011-26851012 (D) 





Shri Santosh Pal

Assistant Secretary

  1. Member Secretary  Secretariat
  2. Establishment
  3. General Administration
  4. Accounts & Finance
  5. Parliament Questions
  6. Coordination for monthly Cabinet D.O. letter
  7. Nodal Officer, IRCTC
  8. Nodal Officer, Legal Matters
  9. Annual Report (2020-21 onward)

011-26532387 (D)

Ext - 120 / 133


Shri Sanjay Jha

Assistant Section Officer

1. Nodal Officer- BAS


Ext- 139

Head Office Address:- Rehabilitation Council of India, B-22, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi-110016

Tel. No: 011-26532408, 26532384, 26534287,26532816 Fax:-011-26534291




Rehabilitation Council of India Act 1992 & 2000 under consideration for Amendment and the copy the proposed amendment is hereby displayed for comments from Citizens Institutions/Gos/NGOs are requested to send their comment. Click for view of the proposed RCI Act

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