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Page Updated on : 09/08/2016

General Guidelines

Note: Before applying for approval of the Rehabilitation Professional Program, applicant may kindly go through the Norms and General Guidelines and syllabus of the proposed programme carefully. The institutions must ensure that they fulfil the minimum criteria laid down for the specific professional course and apply with factual information presently available only at the time of applying. Any information submitted if found to be unavailable or wrong during inspection will result in debarring the institute from applying.



1. No Institute of rehabilitation professional course shall be started without the prior approval of Council / the Central Government.

2. To obtain approval of Council, the institution desirous to start the Degree / Diploma / Certificate courses shall approach the Council, through the respective State Govt. / Union Territory Administration. The State Govt. / U.T. Administration shall be requested to assess the requirements of various professionals.

3. The State Government/ Union Territory Administration must indicate in clear terms whether they are or not in favour of starting a college / or institutions managed by a non governmental organisation.

4. The management of the Institute shall adopt the standards of staff, space and equipment as recommended by the Council and given an undertaking for their phased implementation within the stipulated period.

5. The management of the Institute must submit in writing, the willingness of University which can grant affiliation if the Council permits the Degree/Master Course to be started.

6. The management of the Institute must satisfy the Council about possessing enough training facilities to undertake the Degree/ Diploma courses.

7. The management must provide adequate facilities of administrative and teaching staff required for the Degree/Diploma course as per the recommendations of the Council.

8. The management of the Institute must submit a plan for the construction of full-fledged division and appoint competent personnel to manage the same.

9. On receipt of an application from an organisation for permission to start new rehabilitation professional course, the Council shall call for if not done by the Organisation, the recommendations/views of the State Govt. In case the recommendations/views of the State Govt. are not received within a reasonable period of ninty days, the Council shall be entitled to process the application on its own with the support of its Committees and thereafter take such decision as it deem necessary.



1. Read the syllabus thoroughly for requirements of the specific programme before applying for any programme.

2. Separate application for each programme

3. Institution desirous for seeking recognition of the Council in any of its recognized programme in the field of special education and disability rehabilitation must ensure that they should have sufficient experience in disability rehabilitation activities in addition to the fulfilment of the following :-

a) It should have its, own (03 years old-Minimum) functional special school / practice lab / rehabilitation centre. The special school should have minimum 60 special children in the respective area of disability. For the University / Govt. organization, the condition of own model school is exempted, however, an MOU signed with a special school for practice teaching should be produced.

b) Fully equipped resource room.

c) It should be capable of conducting the programme without the financial assistance of the Council.

d) Availability of minimum infrastructure viz: qualified & experienced full time Core faculty, provision to invite guest faculty, adequate space, library, equipment, furniture etc., to conduct the professional course in accordance with the Council’s norms as prescribed in the respective syllabus.

e) University affiliation is mandatory to conduct the Post Graduate Diploma / Degree / Masters level programme.

4. Institute fulfilling the prescribed eligibility conditions may submit the proposal Online latest by 31st August 2016. After submission of the online proposal, the institutes should submit the following documents: 

a) Printout of the e-mail containing automatically generated proposal ID.   

b) Copy of NOC from respective State Govt. for the respective course applied.  

c) Demand draft of Rs.7500/- as processing fees (non – refundable) and the prescribed Inspection fee for extension cases separately for each course favoring ‘Rehabilitation Council of India’, payable at New Delhi.   

d) An original undertaking on the non-judicial stamp paper valued Rs.50/- as prescribed in the application format.   

e) Registration Certificate under section 52 of PWD Act 1995.

f) Copy of consent and appointment letters of the faculty with RCI’s registration number with phograph.


Note: Hardcopy of the proposal either through post, courier or by hand will not be accepted under any circumstances after 15th September, 2016.

5. The following inspection fees to be deposited in the name of ‘Rehabilitation Council of  India’ payable at New Delhi immediately on receipt of Council’s inspection order:-

                a) Certificate & Diploma Level course            : Rs.15,000/=

                b) Degree & Post Graduate Level course      : Rs.22,500/=

                c) Master’s & above level course                     : Rs.30,000/=

6. Financial Requirement

A- Reserve Fund:

•   The institution under private management should have reserve fund of rupees three lakhs deposited in the bank for each course or an amount decided by the Council from time to time depending upon the level of the training course. Copy of deposit receipt of the reserve fund should be submitted to the Council with a Pledge Certificate issued by the respective Bank as per the prescribed format on the letter head of the respective Bank. The University Deptt. / Govt. institutions are exempted from this stipulation. 

B- Salary Structure

•   The institution should adopt the salary structure prescribed by the State Govt. / UGC for its teaching and non-teaching staff appointed for the training course. It should have a sufficient fund to meet at least three months advance salary of the staff.

7. Fee Structure

Tuition and other fees structure followed by the institution should correspond to the norms prescribed by the Central/State Government/ University/RCI from time to time. It is desirable to provide some free studentship for meritorious poor and socially backward student.


•   In addition to the norms mentioned above, Course Structure, Duration, Eligibility Criteria, Scheme of Examination etc. shall be determined as per the respective syllabus.

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Rehabilitation Council of India Act 1992 & 2000 under consideration for Amendment and the copy the proposed amendment is hereby displayed for comments from Citizens Institutions/Gos/NGOs are requested to send their comment. Click for view of the proposed RCI Act

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